In Rowers you are able to make groups of people which we call Squads. These Squads are a collection of athletes and coaches that are created by users with the permission to create squads in your team. 

How you setup your squads is dependant on the kind of team you run. We have seen a number of teams use the squads in Rowers in different ways, from a squad for each age group within a club to multiple squads for age groups and genders.

These squads can be used in multiple places within Rowers and make filtering and navigation in places easier. 

How Squads are used within Rowers


There are multiple filter within Rowers that allow you to narrow down the display of results in reports or information displayed on the calendar. 

Auto Select on Session Creation

Squads make it easy to select specific squads for the session or event that you are creating. This makes it easy to assign the session to the right people.

Quick Assign Drag and Drop

Our Quick Assign Drag and Drop makes it easy to drag favourite or recent sessions into the calendar and have the squad already allocated to the session. 

Here are examples of how teams have used Squads in Rowers

University Team

Squads by gender - Men & Women
Squads for separation of performance level
Squads for injured athletes

Club Program

Squads by performance level and gender

School Program

Squads for age groups
Squads for age groups and gender

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