In Rowers your are able to import a file into a Rowers session. If you are having issues with importing files from Garmin via the dropdown in the app or web. This guide will help you import the data manually from the Garmin Connect website into the Rowers website.

Before you can import the file you need to have the following completed.

  • A session in Garmin Connect
  • A session in Rowers

In order to add the file into Rowers we need to download the file from Garmin Connect. 

In Garmin Connect

  1. Go to the session that you would like to import in Garmin Connect
  2. Select to see the full details of the session
  3. In the top right hand corner there is a cog to open the settings of the session
  4. Export the session to TCX or to GPX

This file will be used in Rowers. 

In Rowers

  1. Go to the session that you would like to import data to in Rowers
  2. Press import data
  3. In the slider you will see a button to upload a file, press this button.
  4. Choose the file downloaded from Garmin Connect, and import.

The file should be now imported into Rowers.

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