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Setting up your club

When you first join Rowe.rs your team will look sparse. This guide is here to help you get setup and ready to go.




Inviting Members

When you logging in for the first time you will arrive on your dashboard. You will need to navigate to the club members area (https://app.rowe.rs/club-members/athletes)

Invite One by One

There is an invite button that allows you invite one by one. This requires you to add each members first and second name and email address and their role

Invite via CSV

Import all your athlete via a csv file. You can download this file to create your import. Once you import your athletes they will begin appearing in your healthy and injured athletes.


Creating Squads

Now that you have your athletes and coaches in Rowe.rs you can begin creating your squads. By creating your squads you are also creating a filtering structure within your club which will make many of the features in Rowe.rs to work even better.

The first thing you need to do is go to the squad page – https://app.rowe.rs/squads/

Club Group

Here you will see that there already is a group called Club. All members of your club will appear here.

Creating a Squad

To create a group there is a button on the left hand side above overview called “Create Squad”.


A slider will appear where you can give your group a name and allocate the athletes who you want in that group. When you have completed this just press Save.

Writing your first training program

Now that you have invited your athletes and added a squad structure we can move to writing the training program.

It will look empty and blank when starting so now we will need to start adding session. And the first thing we want you to do is use the filter.

Now drag in a session from the top left into the training program.

This session is now assigned to the athlete or the group in the filter. To check
you can simply click on the session and see which athletes are assigned to the session.

To read about session creation please read this article.

Continue adding more and more sessions to the calendar.

By completing this guide you should have invited your team, created your club structure and created your first session all on Rowe.rs. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with our team via info@rowe.rs.

Updated on February 26, 2018

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